About Mandala

Creatively Committed.

Brand Planning & Management

At Mandala we’re brand-centric in our approach to partnering with our clients to implement marketing that delivers business results. Whether a strategic or tactical engagement, we bring a brand planning approach that reinforces your positioning while achieving measurable business results.

Social Media

Social media has changed the way we market. It matters less what a brand says about itself; what matters is what people say about a brand. Companies that do not cultivate a transparent, authentic conversation with their customers will perish. There’s no room for smoke and mirrors in today’s socially networked world.


When it’s time to engage the marketing message, drive traffic to the website, or build an audience for social media channels, Mandala has the training and experience to deliver targeted, cost-efficient media strategies. Whether it’s negotiating a TV buy, developing a print and out-of-home strategy focused on a tightly defined audience or implementing and reporting a targeted search and social campaign, our team has the expertise to deliver. As a Google Certified Partner Agency, we have the training necessary to manage the ever-changing digital environment and 25 years of experience executing multi-media campaigns intelligently.


Organic and Inorganic Search Engine Marketing
Keyword density, thematic content, long-tail searches, metatags, pay-per-click, page rank, indexing, inbound link development, unique URL creation, CMS integrated Flash, integrated social media, eCommerce. The time has gone when all that mattered was to register and launch your website. Your customers research, pre-qualify and seek the opinions of others about your company and its products well before they walk through your door. Strategically applied search marketing strategies will allow you to position your company online to create a measurable competitive advantage.

Digital Design

Websites + Mobile
Creating an interactive and compelling online world is paramount to a successful sales strategy, and a brand’s website is often the genesis of a consumer’s journey into this world. Mandala specializes in creating engaging and immersive online experiences. When appropriate, we’re also adept at crafting mobile applications that meet the needs of our clients. Our work for the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association features the launch of an iPhone and iPad application that allows pilots to plan and execute their flight plans with 3D synthetic vision, highway in the sky display, auto-routing, and fuel prices, geo-referenced airport diagrams. FlyQ is a perfect example of our ability to create feature-rich, elegant, and functional mobile applications for the most demanding operating environments.

Public Relations

The Ultimate Market Maker
Now, more than any other time in our 40-year history, public relations holds the power to create and influence markets. Word of mouth has always been important to the way in which a brand can leverage its market presence to drive revenue. The advent of social media, blogs, and digital publications has elevated public relations to the point where it can truly shape a market. PR is such an essential channel that Mandala has sought out a strategic partner, HFS Communications, to work with our clients. Mandala and HFS dovetail our services to provide integrated marketing, public relations, influencer marketing, content, and client activation.