The Firestarter Award

In partnership with the Bend Venture Conference, Mandala has committed to a $50,000 award of agency services to one of the conference’s concept or launch stage finalists.  This is an extension of our belief that marketing can create a disproportionate upside

We believe that capital alone does not create value.  Instead we look for companies that we feel are not only culturally a good fit with our agency, but are also prepared to intentionally separate themselves from their competition and to proactively use marketing to drive significant growth.

We have helped create over a billion dollars of shareholder value for the active and former clients shown below.

We’re proud to bring our Firestarter Award to the Bend Venture Conference.

Opportunity for significant growth

We are experienced marketers of early to growth stage businesses seeking to leverage intelligent and purposeful positioning and creative messaging to drive significant increases in valuation.

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