Buddy Media

How do you make a connection for Facebook the connection for all social media? When we started working with Buddy Media, they had 30 employees and a 25 million dollar valuation. Over the course of our partnership, we separated them from a very crowded field of competitors in the white-hot space of social media enterprise software. Our work positioned them as the leading provider of social media marketing tools. After a year and a half Buddy Media was purchased by Salesforce for $750,000,000. Buddy Media’s continued success is founded on its positioning amongst its target audience as being the market leader.

In the beginning social marketing was new, so we had to clearly tell the market what Buddy Media did for a living. This would pave the way for Buddy Media’s sales force to meaningfully interact with a customer base that was just getting its feet wet in this space. We did this with our Power Tools for Facebook campaign.

In year two we expanded the brand’s focus from just Facebook to include a broader representation of social media applications including Google+, Twitter and YouTube. The “Power Your Connections” campaign features original art created by some of the most renowned illustrators from around the world, each of whom created their interpretation of what happens when you plug your brand into Buddy Media to Power Your Connections in social media.

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