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We worked in partnership with the Washington Federal marketing team to create a brand campaign to support Washington Federal’s new branch acquisitions in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington. This campaign draws on the bank’s 99 year heritage of common sense banking.
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Common Sense Officer: Coffee

When did it become ok to charge more?

Common Sense Officer: Toaster

Doing business today might seem more complicated than it has to.

Common Sense Officer: Table

We still keep our loans because we know, if our clients need help they want to work with someone who has their back – wouldn’t you?

Love Your Bank: Twins

There should only be one you. Lifelock from Washington Federal will make sure of that.


Delivering over 27,965 customers to the Apple and Google app stores, this campaign helped launch Washington Federal’s partnership with MoneySync.
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Campaign Landing Page

iPad mini giveaway to announce our branch network expansion in Central and Southern Oregon.

Locals Know Best

When is comes to helping the community, locals know best. Through this social media campaign Washington Federal donated over $200,000 to non-profit organizations identified by our clients.
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